Easy Tips to Finding Your Personal Style


If you love to shop but find yourself standing in front of your closet surveying a menagerie of clothing but are unsure of how to create outfits, then this blog is for you! We’ll discuss some easy tips to discover your own personal style and how you can create outfits from clothing that you already own. However, if you realize that you truly *need* a new dress for an upcoming party but don’t want to drop a lot of cash, SNS Bargain Closet has you covered! Our online boutique is full of affordable, gorgeous clothes that will be sure to flatter every shape, style, and preference! Shop our website today for the perfect outfit to show off your incredible personal style!

Seek Inspiration

The internet is full of amazing fashion blogs and websites, so take some time to browse outfits, looks, color combinations, or stylists that speak to you. A great way to keep all of your ideas in one place is to create a mood board. Spend a weekend afternoon printing and pasting photos of outfits that you love. Take note of the styles, shapes, prints, and outfit combinations that you see. With a little work, you’ll be able to see a trend of what inspires you, and your mood board will serve as a visual representation of the trends, styles, and outfits that you love.

Clean Out

Once you’ve decided what you would like your personal style to be, take a moment to browse through your closet and clean out any clothing that doesn’t speak to you or reflect your personality anymore. Clothes from college or a previous job that you no longer wear will only add to the clutter of your closet and frustrate you when you’re trying to find outfits. Make a “keep” pile and a “donate” pile as you’re going through your closet. Once you’ve decided on the clothing you want to keep, donate the pile of clothing you don’t plan to keep to a local thrift store or charity to reduce waste.

Look at Your Lifestyle

If you’re a busy mom, purchasing a lot of flowy dresses or high-heeled sandals might not be the best choice of apparel for your closet. Make sure that the clothing that you keep in your closet is what you need for your daily life, as well as your job. Go shopping for the clothes that you need after cleaning out your closet, like basics or jeans. When you buy clothing that you want to wear and is comfortable, you’ll want to wear it often.


If you want to jazz up your daily outfits, throw on some bracelets, necklaces, or earrings for a fun pop of color and unique touch of style. The perfect necklace can make an outfit look incredible!

Finding your personal style doesn’t have to be stressful. The next time that you need to find an incredible outfit at an affordable price, check out SNS Bargain Closet! We always have unique and amazing tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories at affordable prices. Shop our online boutique today!