How to Make Measurements for Online Clothing Fits

Every woman knows the risk taken every time clothing is bought online. Besides knowing if you will actually like the product, if it looks anything like the pictures, or if it is good quality, it is hard knowing if it will fit the way you think it will. Some online stores are way off in sizes, or they just assume every woman is 5’4” and the size of most models.

What many online shops fail to realize is that everyone is a different shape and size and clothing is not going to fit everyone the same way. Most of us have bought something online, gotten excited about it, and tried it on once it was delivered only to find out that it was made for girls with shoulders three inches narrower and arms two inches shorter.

SNS Bargain Closet knows that clothing fits differently on everyone, that is why we offer a variety of products for different shapes and sizes. We love fashion and know our customers do as well, which is why we want to offer the best in clothing—high-quality, affordable, and items that fit.

Nothing is worse than ordering something online only to figure out that it is the completely wrong size, which is why SNS Bargain Closet gives sizing information on most of our products. Most of the time, when your online order ends up being the
wrong size it is because the company doesn’t give sizing information, so you assume a medium is the same size as the medium you buy at other stores.

Because we offer this sizing chart, we encourage all of our customers to take a look, measure, and be sure to get the right size for you, ensuring that you are pleased with your purchase and love you new clothing for years to come.

To get the most accurate measurements and the best fitting clothing, you want to be sure to measure your body correctly and make sure you measure all the important areas that will affect the way your clothing fits. You also want to be sure to not measure over clothing or with shoes on.


Measure the fullest part of the bust for the most accurate measurement, be sure you are not wearing a padded bra for a better measurement.



When measuring your waist, you want to be sure you are measuring the right part. Bend over sideways and see where you have a natural crease, measure at this point. This is generally the smallest part of your waist, so be sure not to pull the measuring tape too tightly, you want to be able to breathe in your clothing.


When measuring your hips you want to be sure to measure the biggest part, standing straight, and keeping your feet together. Usually, you want to measure around the hip bones.


To get an accurate inseam measurement, start at the crotch and measure to your ankle bone.

Other Important Measurements

After measuring around your body, you will want to measure your height, both from the top of your head and from the center of your collarbones. These measurements will help you know what length you need in maxi dresses and pant rompers.

We know it is a pain to do all of those measurements and that your body may not stay the same size forever, but these measurements will help your online shopping experience, especially at SNS Bargain Closet, be better overall and the products you buy fit properly. Buying clothing online is hard when it comes to sizing, but with these tips, and the sizing chart on most of our products, you should be able to find the right fit for you!

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