Top Five Fashion Misconceptions


When you’re a fashion maven, it can be difficult to stay up to date with all of the trends that are constantly changing. However, being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean you’re walking billboard for the newest clothes and hottest accessories. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top five fashion misconceptions and how you can always look fabulously unique. If you’re searching for a Top Rated National® online store with the cutest styles at affordable prices, check out SNS Bargain Closet! We’re always updating our clothing to include unique and amazing tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories, and more! For the trendiest online boutique, shop SNS Bargain Closet today! 


Brand Names Matter

How many of us have purchased a piece of clothing or an accessory because everyone had it, so we did too? While brand names matter in certain instances, such as for quality’s sake, wearing the latest designer top and jeans doesn’t mean that you’re instantly “fashionable”. A no-name, thrift-store leather jacket can be your signature piece at a fraction of the cost of a custom-made piece. Don’t allow the idea that you’re only on-trend if you’re spending major bucks on the purse that everyone else is wearing. You can still rock that favorite bag that you purchased on a street corner in Europe and make a cool statement.

Looking Good is Expensive

You don’t have to go into debt to look great! A big trend right now is “high-low” dressing. Pair that distressed t-shirt from high school with your new pair of heels for an effortless and trendy look without breaking the bank. If you’re searching for a cool new outfit but want to pinch pennies, don’t forget to check out SNS Bargain Closet! We get that you’re on a budget, and our online boutique is the perfect place to find a trendy outfit for half the cost of mall prices.

Being Fashionable Means Always Wearing the Latest Trends

This couldn’t be more untrue! Classic pieces and outfits will never go out of style. Take the simple white button-down, for example. You can easily pair this versatile piece with anything in your closet for the perfect outfit with no thought at all. You’ll always look smart, put-together, and classic.

If You’re Not On-Trend, You’re Dressing Wrong

Fashion is personal to everyone, so if your personal style involves sequins and leather pants, go for it! Just because you’re not wearing everything that you see in stores doesn’t mean that you have no style. Fashion is always evolving and changing, so be the trendsetter you are and wear the outfits that inspire you!

Fashion is Only for the Fashionable

Don’t believe that you have to run a fashion blog, regularly attend fashion week, and know designers personally to rock a killer style. Embrace who you are by wearing the clothing that you love. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason when it comes to looking great and having style, so you do you, girlfriend!

Don’t get overwhelmed by these misconceptions! Fashion is just what you make it, so when you find yourself in need of a new party dress or cute top, head on over to SNS Bargain Closet! Our online boutique is always stocked with the cutest and trendiest clothing for the fashion-forward girl. Shop our site now for amazing clothes at even better prices!