Black OR Purple Waist Trainers

$ 3.00

Product Description

Don't force it, just keep waist training! This wardrobe essential is comfortable enough to wear all day and thin enough to hide under your clothes. It's also PERFECT to wear while you exercise to melt that fat away!


Size    S: Bust 81-86(31.9-33.9in)    The waist 58-79(22.8-31.1in)    Hip 90-104 (35.4-40.9in)
           M: Bust 86-94(33.9-37.0in)  The waist 64-71(25.2-28.0in)    Hip 91-99(35.8-39.0in)
           L: Bust 99-102(39.0-40.2in)   The waist 71-79(28.0-31.1in)    Hip 99-104(39.0-40.9in)
          XL: Bust 99-107(39.0-42.1in)   The waist 79-86(31.1-33.9in)   Hip 104-112(40.9-       44.1in)
        XXL: Bust 117-122(46.1-48.0in)   The waist 87-94(34.3-37.0in)   Hip 112-119(44.1-46.